English test 11

Visitors don’t have to  wear name badges, but they are available if you want to use them.

My best friend Kelly raised her eyebrows  when I told her I was going to buy a silver party dress. Clearly, she thought it was a bad idea.

Prison visitors mustn’t   give anything to the prisoners. It’s prohibited.

You needn’t  come to school tomorrow. It’s optional.

When she gets angry, my sister scowls  at me. It really is a scary face!

In class in the afternoon, I was so tired that I started to yawn 

We aren’t supposed to ride our bikes in the park, but everybody does, and nobody seems to mind.

You have to  wear the school uniform. It’s against the rules to wear anything else

My sister and her new husband waved  goodbye through the window of the limousine as they left the reception to go on their honeymoon.

Could you point  at the cake in the shop window that you would like?

An evening in the cinema

The worst thing about going to the cinema is the horrible noises other people make during the film. There is always somebody who 1coughs really loudly, without covering his mouth. Then there’s always the person who 2 slurps his cola instead of drinking it quietly. I hate that, and I’m always very quiet myself. Once I started 3hiccupping I don’t why. Perhaps I had been eating my popcorn too quickly. But instead of making lots of noise, I left the auditorium and got a drink of water, and only returned when I felt better. Actually, one thing that is more annoying than noisy people is my dad. He gets so irritated with people making noises that he turns round in his chair and 4tuts at them. He doesn’t ask them to be quiet. He just looks angry and makes a noise. It’s so embarrassing. And then, of course, if the film is long or boring, he falls asleep and starts to 5snore