Earning your own money by Leanne Broderick

  1. Read the text and choose the correct options.

Earning your own money by Leanne Broderick

Most young people have heard their parents complaining when they’ve asked them for money. And I’m no exception. The difference between me and many other 16-year-olds, though, is that I’ve done something about it. I’ve got myself an after-school job.

What do I do? I work on the checkout at my local supermarket. I didn’t know what to expect when I applied for the job but I was surprised to find that I actually enjoy it. It’s not hard to do and I get to talk to lots of different people during my shift. I have to be careful though. Because I’m dealing with money, I have to make sure I don’t make any mistakes.

I work every Friday evening and Saturday morning. It doesn’t really affect my schoolwork and my social life hasn’t really suffered either. I don’t mind not going out on Fridays after school and I can still go out on Saturday night, so it’s not really causing me any problems.

My parents, on the other hand, are a different story. They’re now all right with it but they weren’t at first. In fact, they were shocked that I had applied for the job. They were worried about the fact that it would interfere with my studies. But they’ve seen that I can easily manage my time  when doing homework and so it really isn’t a problem. They’re happy that I don’t have to work on a school night and, of course, they’re thrilled that I’ve stopped asking them for money!

I’ve learnt a lot having a job. It’s made me look at money in a different way. I’m now more careful with it – I don’t spend as much. I’ve also managed to save some of it and plan to buy myself a car when I’m 18. I’ve learnt to be more responsible and can honestly say that I’m proud of myself.

1. What is Leanne’s main purpose in writing the article? [To inform the reader about having an after‑school job.]

2. What does Leanne say about her job?[She likes the fact that she can talk to people.]

3. What does Leanne say about her social life?[She doesn’t have a problem not going out on Friday.]

4. What does Leanne say about her parents? [They are now pleased she is earning her own money.]

5. What would Leanne say to her schoolmates? [Working while studying can be very rewarding. It teaches you responsibility.]