Youth Film Society

  1. Read the text and decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. Choose the correct answer.

Youth Film Society

Do you love films? Are you interested in learning how to make one? Then there’s no better way to start than this. Become a member of the Youth Film Society (YFS) and join other young film fans who are learning to make their own films. Being a member enables you to take part in courses and events. You will also get discounts at cinemas around the country.

About us

For the past 20 years, YFS has given teenagers (12 – 17 years old) the opportunity to learn how to make a film. Our expert teachers include professional film-makers and film critics. We also run a number of fun events during the year, including a summer film camp and, of course, our YFS annual film festival.


YFS offers a number of short film courses for teenagers throughout the year. Our courses include the basics in film-making, the history and theory of film and many hands-on practical activities. Learn how to create a storyboard, how to write a script, how to act and how to put all this knowledge together to make a film.

Summer film camp

The camp takes place in July every year. It’s an opportunity to meet other young people keen on cinema and film-making. In the activity-packed week, you will be involved in many film-making activities and will contribute to a film made at the camp by everyone attending.
This year’s camp will take place between 2nd and 9th July. Depending on the interest shown, we may run a second camp later in the month.

Download an application form here.

Film festival

In our annual film festival, we show short and full feature films made by kids and teenagers (under 18). If you submit a film, you will have the chance not only to get it shown but you will also have the opportunity to win £5000! Each year 40 films are chosen to be shown, and yours could be one of them. There is no entry fee if you are under 18 when you submit your film and non-members are welcome. The festival takes place over a fortnight in April.

This year’s festival will take place between 5th and 18th  April.

More information about this year’s films, times of film showings and venues can be found here.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Youth Film Society, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

1. If you become a member of the Youth Film Society you will be able to buy cheaper cinema tickets. [Correct]

2. The Youth Film Society is a new film club for people aged under 18. [Incorrect]

3. You can do more than learn how to make a film if you join the Youth Film Society. [Correct]

4. The Youth Film Society runs both short and long film-making courses each year. [Incorrect]

5. On the courses you can learn to do a variety of different things related to film-making. [Correct]

6. During the film-making camp, everyone will make their own film. [Incorrect]

7. There is a possibility that there will be two film-making camps in July. [Correct]

8. There is a possibility that a film you submit to the festival will not be selected to be shown. [Correct]

9. You can submit a film to the film festival even if you don’t join the Youth Film Society. [Correct]

10. If you want to know more details about the Youth Film society, you will need to phone for information. [Incorrect]